Autumnal/Winter Abaya Inspirations; Shop these looks at Moistreet

Many people are searching Instagram for the latest Abaya trends, therefore we felt it was about time to give you a seasonal trend report and show you the newest abaya designs for 2022. These autumn/winter abaya trends are a terrific place to start if you're trying to refresh and modernize your abaya wardrobe…

Fall/Winter Abayas 2021

I didn't imagine we'd see tie-dye with Abayas when it came back in style. These Abayas caught our eye and are perfect for casual wear and a trendy morning look. The colors and patterns are entirely up to you and your personal taste; nevertheless, the splash of green is one of our favorites.

The trend of the two-toned abaya is gaining popularity.

You should try these two-toned Abayas if you want to refresh your look. There are two types: one that is divided into two colors and the other that is divided into a color and a pattern. These have been hot for a while and have been seen on a lot of fashion bloggers. They're also appropriate for both morning and afternoon wear.

Abaya trend with lace scrunch

We've seen this trend with dresses before, and now we're seeing it with Abayas, and it's very cool. It's a basic trend, but it adds fascinating detail to a modern Abaya with a twist.

Autumn/winter abayas in earthy tones

This season, earthy colors are really fashionable for Abayas, and they create such an elegant classy appeal. Choose a color that you enjoy and feel at ease with. These earthy tones suit everyone; all you have to do is choose the color that best matches you.

What to wear with your abaya and how to accessorize it

First and foremost, we'll look at how you may accessorize your abayas to make them fashionable all year. It's the season for extra special accessories, so if you're not doing a whole wardrobe update but want to add a few little additions, you're in luck.

Pairing a grey abaya with a hijab will not only look stunning - especially one with pearls, which will complement a simple abaya design - but the thicker material will also keep you nice and warm, unlike thinner hijabs that are more suited to summer.

Pairing your abaya with a velvet turban is another option that might be a nice twist from the usual hijab. Aside from the obvious reasons for warmth, the turbans are simply attractive, and our choice of colors is excellent for the season - from burned oranges and emerald greens to coffees and charcoals, there is a color for everyone.

Getting ready for the cold

With the arrival of the cooler months, our focus has shifted to staying warm and toasty no matter what we're doing. Choosing certain fabrics for your winter wardrobe is crucial to ensure you have enough layers and stunning winter abayas to get you ready for the season ahead, while also keeping you warm.

Before you go shopping for abayas, we recommend taking a look at your slip dresses. Long-sleeve slip dresses are a terrific addition to any winter wardrobe, and they can be found in a variety of colors to match the abaya. Subtle slips in black, white, and cream are easy to wear because they can be paired with a variety of other colors, so stock up this season.

Consider the various materials available for abayas, with velvet being our favorite this season. We adore this luxurious black velvet hooded adorned open abaya, which is beautifully embellished for a wintery feel - the hood will be ideal for the additional cold days the season is bound to bring.

Check out our stunning abayas if you need a little additional fashion inspiration to help you deal with the shift in weather.