How To Look Really Trendy Wearing an Open Abaya

Many Muslim women, particularly in the Middle East, wear abayas as part of their daily attire. After all, why wouldn't they? Abayas are not only fashionable, but they are also comfortable and practical—in fact, an open abaya is one of the most popular abaya styles in the UK.

Open abayas, which are similar to kimonos and just as chic and elegant. They are as versatile as they come. Whether you're out running errands or simply lazing around with your pals, you can wear them with practically any inner attire. Wearing an open-front abaya gives a touch of refinement and elegance to any outfit, and with so many different ways to wear it, finding inspiration for your next look is as simple as 1-2-3.

You can absolutely wear the latest open abaya style in the UAE today with the proper fashion combination of flexible pieces in your wardrobe—and here are just six ways to accomplish it!

1. Open Abaya in a Simple & Elegant Style

Keeping things simple is one of the greatest and easiest ways to wear the open abaya style in the UAE. You can mix and match your abayas with a variety of neutral colours including blacks, greys, beiges, and browns, and most of the time, less is more (especially in modest design)! Abayas in a variety of colours can be worn for a variety of occasions, ranging from casual Fridays to formal evening gatherings.

Plus, because you can wear abayas in ordinary colours over and over, they can help you stick to your budget. Who says there's a hard and fast rule about wearing the same clothing twice?

After all, not only is reuse good for the environment, but it's also excellent for your pocketbook. So go ahead, don't be afraid to wear those ensembles more than once—your bank account will thank you!

2. Style your Casual Open Abaya with Matching Belt 

Pairing your open abaya with its matching belt is a popular abaya fashion trend among Muslim women all over the world, including in the UAE. Style it with a basic white shirt and relaxed denim jeans for a classic look—and when you add an open abaya with a belt as an extra outer layer, you can quickly class up any event and turn heads in the right direction no matter where you go!

In the United Arab Emirates, open abayas resemble a modern take on a Japanese kimono. The front open abaya with a belt or sash is just as popular as the airy kimono, and when coupled with your regular jeans, you may appear utterly fashionable while maintaining your modest aesthetic.

3. The UAE's Open Abaya Trend with Pops of Color

You may amp up your abaya fashion trend in the UAE with colourful shades that stand out from the crowd on days when you want to bring a little extra excitement and colour into your life. Don't worry, standing out doesn't always imply attracting unwelcome attention. It just indicates that you appear to be a cut above the rest (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!).

Wearing abayas in a variety of colours allows you to change up your clothing on a frequent basis. It keeps you from being bored with the things you currently own because mixing and matching different colour combinations is a fun styling exercise that may just inspire you to get up even earlier in the morning!

4. Pair an open front abaya with a pair of pants or jeans.

Although we've covered wearing an open abaya with a belt with jeans, denim isn't the only sort of pants that may be worn with this Muslim attire. You can wear this long, flowy robe with wide-leg slacks and culottes, in addition to casual open abaya patterns. Aren't well-dressed trousers the best confidence boosters?

Rather than treating the open abaya trend in the UAE as a casual look, you may incorporate it into your professional and formal attire. For days when you want to own that business meeting or give a spectacular presentation to close that sale with a big-shot customer, pair your abayas with loose, long pants.

Confidence in your appearance is a significant step in exuding a more powerful feel!

5. Show off your dresses with an open abaya.

Long, flowy dresses look undoubtedly amazing when worn with a front open abaya. They're classy, sleek, and the epitome of absolute femininity. Pairing an abaya with a dress, whether for casual open abaya designs or for more formal occasions, allows you to look even more conservative when the situation calls for it.

Let's assume you truly like the way a particular dress looks on you, but it's a tad too tight or doesn't have the sleeves you prefer. Don't be concerned! You can still get your hands on that stunning garment because it goes well with your open abaya on those chilly days.

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