3 winter go to modest wear

With the winter season in full bloom, you may find yourself questioning "What will I wear?!?" more frequently than normal. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing a new outfit for a certain event, but I encourage you to browse your own closet!

Here are three styles that may be dressed up or down and worn long into the next winter season.

Plaid-  While the tartan design is timeless, don't be afraid to get out your work clothes or go thrifting for a pair of wide-leg pants to combine with your camel cashmere. Layer a solid color abaya on your fit that matches with your top and you are ready to rock like a diva while staying modest.

Finish your appearance with a sophisticated red lip and a cap or Hijab and let your stunning look make every head turn. Add subtle and simple jewelry to complete the look. Wear a pair of nude heels to get a subtle yet classy look and look stunning.


Maroon- I think a deep maroon hue looks better on people than red and helps you appear less sloppy and more put-together. Depending on your skin tone, the reverse may be true. Maroon is also simpler for me to wear later in the Winter and Fall. To truly bring this hue to life, look for thick materials and textures. For an absolutely stunning look, wear a solid-colored high neck and pair it with a contrasting abaya. 

Chunky Scarves- Scarves with a lot of bulk. I'm not sure whether the chunky/blanket scarf is back in vogue, but do what you want! This is a look I've always admired. It helps your hair seem fluffier and keeps you warm at all times. Dress it up with a solid abaya. Wear earrings and carry a purse for accessories. Complete the look with ankle-length boots or heels to look ready for the winter season.

I hope these suggestions have piqued your interest in putting together some ensembles from your wardrobe or adding a few items to your shopping wish list. Whatever you want to shop for, select those fits that make you feel confident and make you look good at the same time. Confidence is what makes a person shine. It makes you own up your look and make you look pretty. Following trends doesn’t necessarily mean that you will confident. It can make you feel like you are in the spotlight.

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