10 Muslim influencers to look up to for latest abaya styles

Fashion is a hot topic because everyone has their own preferences and choices when it comes to creating the style statement which they call fashion!

We frequently come across individuals with excellent dressing sense and fashion style. Their outfits are perfect, not only in terms of complementary colours, but also in terms of accessories.

We did some digging to uncover individuals like you who are making a difference by sharing their Islamic fashion ideas. We chose a few fashion bloggers whose understanding of Muslim fashion attire is well-liked by their audience.

1. Amena Khan

Amena Khan (@amenakhan)  is a mother and a wife, as well as a British social media influencer. Amena's website, Pearl Daisy, is quite lovely. The website itself encourages users to dress comfortably. All of the dresses are created to order with modesty at the forefront of the design. In her YouTube videos regarding new hijab styles and scarf types, she has provided some excellent advice. Amena also has a YouTube channel with 410k subscribers and a verified Instagram account with 655K followers. Her fans are enamoured with her new modest dress style. She presents her one-of-a-kind ideas that will inspire and guide you to proudly wear Islamic design clothes. She is a frequent user of Instagram.

2. Hana Tajima

Hana Tajima (@hntaj) is a fashion designer and blogger located in the United Kingdom. Her fashion and fabric concepts have been well received by a huge audience all around the world. For each season, she has collaborated with UNIQLO to launch a number of her unique collections. Her specialties include hijab, abayas, pleated skirts, pants, and other long clothes in traditional and modest styles. Visit her website or follow her on Instagram for fashion suggestions that you'll want to learn and put into practice to enhance your own style.

3. Dina Tokio

Dina Tokio (@dinatokio) is also from the United Kingdom, with 807K YouTube subscribers and 1.3 million Instagram followers. Her fashion recommendations, outfit evaluations, styling ideas, trending Islamic fashion abayas and gowns that she likes to wear, and her whole lifestyle can all be found there. She is one of the fashion and style bloggers who got our notice because she has a specialist site on hijab (HijabTrendz).

4. Leena Snoubar

Leena (@withloveleena) is a Texas-based Muslim American/Palestinian woman. She is a fashion blogger and YouTuber who enjoys sharing her fashion inspiration and beauty advice. She is the one you should look up to if you want to update your modest beauty statement. She has a website, and her Instagram fan page, which is largely about fashion and beauty, has 866K followers.

5. Habiba Da Silva

Habiba Da Silva (@lifelongpercussion), a 25-year-old Instagram influencer with over 886K followers, is a 25-year-old girl. Her Instagram feed is brimming with photos of her modest attire. Many people look up to her since she flaunts her exclusive style without sacrificing modesty. Thousands of people comment on her photos as she gives her beauty and fashion advice.

6. Heba Jalloul

If you think you can't style your Islamic dress very much, you're mistaken. Heba (@heba jay) is a fashion and lifestyle blogger whose styling philosophy will wow you. She dresses modestly. Her regular attire consists of a hijab, pleated skirts, trousers, and other long garments. She also provides daily makeup and beauty tips and lessons that will undoubtedly improve your approach to styling your looks.

7. Mariah Idrissi

Mariah Idrissi (@mariahidrissi) is a creative consultant as well as a model. She is an Instagram influencer with over 90,000 followers on her verified account. She has multiple postings on her blog about her fashion and Hijab styles, which she loves to wear in her daily life. Check out her Instagram postings if you're seeking ideas for how to style yourself in Islamic clothing.

8. Chinutay A.

Chinutay A. (@chinutay) creates incredible tutorials on makeup, Hijab styles, and general fashion abayas. She is a mother who was born in London and raised in Canada. We looked at her videos on YouTube, where she has 368K subscribers. She has a lot of ideas on how to dress and apply makeup, which she shares with her enormous audience through videos and Instagram posts.

9. Omaya Zein

Omaya Zein (@omayazein) is a YouTuber with 345K subscribers and a 649K-follower Instagram influencer. Every Friday, she releases a new video, most of which are about fashion, travel, or lifestyle. Her most recent video series includes tutorials on how to tie a turban, as well as hijab and cosmetics. Her big following attests to the value she provides through her courses. Many fashionistas have been influenced by her style.

10. Basma Kahie

Basma Kahie (@basma k), a social media influencer based in London, England, is another name on our list. She is a mommy and a fantastic style inspiration who will boost your confidence in all of the clothes and fashion mantras she offers in her Instagram postings. Basma has 422K followers on Instagram, where her recommendations receive a lot of attention.

These fashion bloggers post a lot to show off their strong sense of self, which they have developed via their knowledge of fashion and beauty. Through their photos and films, they demonstrate the same level of proficiency. This list should help you get on their profiles and become fashionable yourself if you are a fashionista who appreciates looks.