Everyday trending Abayas

Abayas are the first thing one thinks of when talking about modest wear. But a misconception that prevails is that you cannot look stylish in modest wear. With the rise of modest fashion in the fashion industry, there are various types of abayas coming up for different occasions. The basic black abaya is no longer the only choice available.

There are many types of abayas available that can be worn for your everyday trendy looks. These can be worn at formal occasions as well and as an everyday abaya. 

We have a few suggestions for everyday trendy abayas -

1. Green Organza shirt

This green organza shirt is sheer and is green in color. It is made up of organza fabric which provides it a crispy and airy look. The fabric is breathable and easy to carry. This abaya gives an extremely stylish look to the wearer. A  belt around the waist would look glamorous.

2. Grey Linen abaya

This grey abaya is decent and simple along with some prints. It is ideal for being used at various occasions. The fabric used is  linen fabric which is  light to carry and is ideal for the summer season. This is also airy and extremely comfortable to wear.It can be worn on various occasions because of the print which makes it stand out.

3. Brown abaya set

This abaya is brown in color. As many people prefer dark abayas but consider black ones too simple, this piece is the ideal one for you. It gives a sophisticated look.It is one of the latest designs. This piece is made of CEY fabric which makes it dry fast and  easy to carry and handle. It has print on it that looks simple and adds to the look of the abaya. 

4. Light grey abaya with hand embroidery

The light grey abaya with hand embroidery is one of the most subtle and stylish abayas. The hand-embroidery is easily visible and looks amazing. It gives a very elegant and sophisticated look. It is made of 10 G fabric which makes it lightweight and easy to wear and carry as it is extremely airy. This abaya has an eye catching design. It can be worn at special occasions where you don’t want to overdress but still stand out. 

5. Pink Rotana Shimmer hand work abaya set with under dress and sheila

The abaya is pink in color and looks glamorous . It is a beautiful and modest set. It comes with an underdress and sheila. The fabric is light and looks sophisticated and is ideal for many occasions and festivals. This is an ideal set for people who want to try something new instead of their old black abaya. It is made up of Rotana shimmer. It is airy and crispy. It is easy to maintain. This is a trendy design.

6. Black Chiffon Pocket See Through Abaya

Black Pocket See Through Abaya is a must-have for everyone. This is an extremely trendy design. It is Simple and Stylish with a sleek design. Being made out of crepe and chiffon, it is extremely stylish and looks appropriate for your western wears.

These are a few abayas that have you covered for your everyday needs.  These abayas are extremely simple yet versatile. It is important to wear what you feel confident and comfortable in. Style is important but so is comfort and confidence. So whatever you wear, make it beautiful with your confidence.

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