Finding the colorful abayas that suit you

Each person's skin tone is different, with some having a warmer tone and others having a lighter tone. Choose a color that matches your skin tone and makes it glow if you want to feel beautiful in your abaya. Having a few go-to colors that match your skin tone and boost your skin and outfit is one way to feel comfortable and confident in your abayas.

Here are some color recommendations for your abaya:

1. Abayas for light skin tones


Light skin tones are usually best suited to pastel hues. Among them are orchid bloom, light pastel, and other hues. Bold jewel tones like ruby red, emerald green, royal violet, cobalt, sapphire, and royal blue look stunning against a light skin tone. Keep in mind that colours like beige, camel, and taupe should be avoided because they might make your skin look even lighter or paler.

2. Abayas for medium skin tones

In those with a medium complexion, yellow undertones are typical. As a result, fall and autumn colors such as beige, taupe, camel, olive, green, cranberry, teal blush pink, and red are considered no-fail. On people with a medium complexion, these colors are undeniably flattering. Aside from these, vibrant jewel tones like emerald, cobalt, ruby red, royal violet, and others can look stunning. These colors bring out the natural warmth of your skin and give it a healthy glow. Pastel colors should be avoided unless they're a little bright, like bright turquoise or bright pink, since if they're muted, your complexion will appear washed out.

3. Abayas for dark skin tones

You are the luckiest in terms of the colors you can wear if you have a dark complexion. On dark skin, almost any color looks great. A tone of ivory should be chosen instead of pure white; dazzling white may be too harsh for a dark complexion. Almost any color will do, but choose something with a tinge of warmth if you want to stand out. Pastel colors look great against dark skin. Basic vivid jewel tones like cobalt, emerald green, ruby red, and royal violet are the greatest choices. Black looks great on dark skin, but it depends on the tone of the dark skin. Chocolate brown looks excellent on a dark complexion.

4. Abayas for cool skin tones

To complement cold skin tones, bright colors are usually used. Purples, lavender, lilac, vibrant blues, reddish pinks, bright rose, and ruby are all excellent selections for cold skin. Neutral hues for cool skin tones include grey, navy blue, and pure white. Yellow and orange color to avoid since they can make your complexion look horrible.

5. Abayas for warm skin tones

Warm skin tones are best suited to oranges, reds, golden yellows, and amber hues. Warmer greens, blues, and turquoise work well with warm complexion tones. Neutrals like taupe, latte, brown, cream, and white work well with warmer complexion tones. Avoid using pale ice tones, bright reds, greens, and blues.

6. Abayas for neutral skin tones

If you have a neutral skin tone, warm and cool colors will look fine on you, but avoid very bright colors. On a neutral complexion, colors like peaceful blue, sage green, or dusty pink that isn't too bright or too light would look ideal. As far as colors go, greys, off-whites, and taupe are advised.

7. Abayas for dusky skin tones

The majority of Indians are dark-skinned. For this skin tone, colors like cobalt blue, emerald green, golden and grey, magenta and orange, mustard yellow, earthy green, or maroon are recommended. These are the bright and dark hues that give skin a healthy shine. Colors such as white, bright yellows, and oranges should be avoided because they might make the skin look odd.

8. Abayas for tanned skin

Rich browns are the most flattering on tanned skin. Orange and yellow tones look fantastic against a tanned complexion. Olive green, deep reds, and purples look lovely on tanned skin. White, black, or fading pastel hues should be avoided by anyone with a tanned complexion since they might make the skin appear darker than it is.

9. Abayas for pale skin

Because pale skin has a light tone, dark tones appear best on it. Dark blues and reds are the best colours for people with fair skin. Black and white clothing are avoided because they wash away a light complexion.

These are some abaya suggestions based on your skin tone. Order your abayas from Moistreet today and have them tailored to your specifications.