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With the arrival of cooler weather, we've seen a lot of layering on the runways this season. Sheer clothing and aggressive cutouts are on one extreme of the fashion spectrum, while stylish modest apparel is on the other. Indeed, showing a lot of skin isn't necessary to look fashionable or trendy. If you're a fashionista who likes to keep it simple in modest attire, you'll undoubtedly be one of the first to embrace this trend.

We've got you covered (literally) if you're planning a trip to a small country or city.

What is the Modest Clothing?

Simply put, modest attire is clothing that is less skin-revealing. In a nutshell, it's all about minimising exposure while maximising style! It isn't simply for people who are hesitant to expose their skin. If you merely want to show off your best assets, modest clothes is the way to go. All ethnicities, faiths, age groups, and even monarchy wear modest dress.

How to be modest and fashionable?

Showing skin has nothing to do with style. With modest attire, you can flatter your physique in a variety of ways. For example, revealing slip dresses, which were popular in the 1990s and are still on the runways today, can be paired with a full-sleeved tee. Dresses with pants, midi dresses, and matching sets with cool appliqué or artsy motifs can also help you channel your inner classy, modest lady.

1. Layer up

The good news about modest fashion is that it lends itself to layering rather well. More importantly, you'll stay warm while you're doing it.

The challenge here is to not overlook the weather's extreme chill. And, more significantly, you don't overestimate how much protection a modest piece of clothes can provide.

Take, for example, an Abaya. From the neck down, it pretty much covers your entire body. An Abaya constructed of thin or breathable materials, on the other hand, will allow in a little too much frigid air.

In this case, the Abaya is merely one of several garments that must be worn to keep the cold at bay.

2. Prioritise Comfort When it Gets Really Cold

Style will have to be thrown out the window on occasion. If you have to go outside in bitterly cold weather, don't skimp on style. Regardless of what others may think of your outfit, comfort and warmth are your top priorities.

The argument here is that for the sake of fashion, you should put yourself in danger.

Clothing that is modest lends itself perfectly to developing elegant winter ensembles. However, there are occasions when you just need to put your desire to look the part aside and wear something that will keep you safe from the elements.

3. Cinch up a long coat

When it comes to modest fashion ensembles, longer coats give you a lot of possibilities.

A belt, for example, might be used to cinch up a long coat. The coat is effectively transformed into a long dress thanks to the tighter midsection. You do, however, have the extra bonus of being able to wear winter clothing that will keep you warm.

You can also wear a coat over an abaya.

4. Scarves Look Great With an abaya (And Keep You Warm Too)

Many of you will now choose to wear a hijab with your modest attire. This recommendation may not apply to you because your hijab will keep your head and neck warm enough when the cold weather arrives.

Instead, this suggestion is aimed for women who desire to dress modestly without resorting to more typical modest clothing.

A scarf, of course, is an excellent addition to any winter outfit. After all, it's made to be worn during the winter.

The idea here is to make sure that the scarf complements the Abaya you're wearing. The idea is to strike a balance between comfort and elegance. During the cold, a thick woollen scarf may feel fantastic.

If you pair it with an Abaya, though, you can end up with a major clash that doesn't look quite right.

If you're going to wear a scarf, we recommend layering a jacket over your dress. This allows you to zip up the jacket and tuck the scarf inside for a more sophisticated look.

All of Your Minimalist Fashion Needs...

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