Meet The Influencers Bringing Modest Fashion To Mainstream

Modest fashion is evolving and is becoming inclusive of women from all religions and backgrounds. While evolving fashion trends are the need of the hour, evolution is including modest fashion to a huge extent. From covered and baggy clothes in the fashion industry to models with hijab in various advertisements. These fits give an idea of the influence of modest fashion on the fashion industry.

In the present times of pandemic, influencers with thousands of followers are choosing to be unapologetically themselves and look gorgeous while also promoting modest fashion. These influencers use modest blogging as a way of livelihood while they inspire many people to be themselves and be confident  in what they do, wear or how they look.

Here are a few influencers who have brought modest fashion to mainstream-

1. Lana Hattab, @lanahattab

Lana is an UAE based, Emirati blogger. She feels that modesty defines who she really is. She serves as an inspiration to women who want to dress modestly and look fashionable at the same time. She provides style inspiration for every day modest dress up paired with affordable and fashionable accessories .

2. Leena Al Ghouti, @leenalghouti

Leena is a Palestinian- Canadian influencer. She has lived in UAE for most of her adult life and dresses modestly. She feels that it is not about dressing modestly but about dressing confidently, being covered or not won’t make a difference if you are confident enough. She is an instagram sensation with an unmatched style.

3. Nia Amroun, @niaamroun

Nia is a Londoner who lives in Riyadh and supports Arabaian designs. Whether it is an abaya or a matching set, she wears it all with style. She is a great proof that modesty and street style go extremely well together if worn with confidence.

4. Marwa Meme Biltagi, @mademoisellememe

Marwa is a Palestanian- Irish fashionista who is known in the fashion industry for modest fashion looks. She has partnered with leading luxury brands. She twists trends to her own style and makes them modest. She proves that modest clothing can make a person equally fashionable.

5. Fatema Al Awadhi, @justfatema

Fatema is a well known fashion blogger known for her instagram feed,her style has gained a lot of love on the app due to her fashion and style. She is known to restyle a  classic look into a stylish and fashionable one.

6. Aydha Mehnaz, @aydhamehnaz 

Aydha Mehnaz is a Paris based, Bangladeshi fashion influencer.She adds a few accessories to make her look better and prettier.She is a creative and consultant and has more than six years of experience.

These were a few fashionistas who proved to look beautiful in modest wear and have brought it to the mainstream. They choose to be confident and gorgeous in covered and modest clothing and serve as an inspiration to everyone who worries that they can’t look stylish in covered and modest clothes.

Wearing clothes that you are comfortable in and carrying them with confidence is what makes a person fashionable and trendy. Taking inspiration from these influencers it is important to wear whatever you want to and feel comfortable in.

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