Modest basic essentials every girl needs

While we all have a lot of clothes in our wardrobe, there are some things that are essential for every girl to look trendy and these also serve as a backup outfit if you have some last-minute parties or meetings to go to.

Choosing clothes for yourself and other wardrobe essentials is a difficult task. A few things to keep in mind while buying wardrobe essentials are-

  1. What are your aesthetics?- It is important to know what your style is to look comfortable and confident in your clothes.
  2. Neutrals are saviors- Neutrals go well with all colors and are therefore easier to pair with everything 
  3. Buy clothes that you can wear again- Go for clothes that can be worn again. 

After keeping these things in mind, here are a few modest basic essentials

1. Black abaya

You can never go wrong with a black abaya. It goes well with every fit on every occasion. Whether it is a small-scale gathering or an important event with many people present, a black Abaya makes you look ready for it all. You can achieve a slim and tall look with a black Abaya in your closet. It is a must-have and a basic fit that you necessarily need. You can never go wrong with a black Abaya and you can achieve the look you desire even at the last moment if you have a black Abaya.

2. White abaya

Just like a black Abaya, a white one is also a necessity. Having a plain white Abaya in your closet gives you a versatile set that can be styled according to the occasion you are going to. It is important to have a white Abaya in your wardrobe to have a wider range of fits to adorn every day. A white Abaya can not only be worn at all occasions but it makes you look stunning on every occasion and gives you the look you desire.

3. Travel abayas

Travel needs to be comfortable and enjoyable. While looking fashionable is important, feeling comfortable in what you wear is also an essential thing. The choice of your clothes decides how you look. Our Travel abayas with pants underneath them are all you need for your weekend getaways. With a variety of colors and styles, our travel abaya provides you with trendy travel looks for all your outings while giving you the comfort of pants and a modest look for the occasion. They are also appropriate for occasions where you can dress a little more casually than usual. They give an easy to achieve gorgeous touch to the wearer.

4. Embroidered abayas

For special occasions where you are in the spotlight, embroidered abayas are the right choice for you. The comfort and style they provide are unmatched. Set the 

5. Solid color abayas

Having abayas in solid colors is important as they give you a look other than the mainstream black and white abayas that almost everyone wears. Adding colors to your fits creates an additional impact and makes you look better. 

It is important to follow trends but it is more important to feel comfortable in what you wear. Visit to get the most trendy and comfortable modest wear. Shop now!