Modest fashion hacks every girl should know

This is the finest time of year to dress up for any modest fashionista since there are so many styling alternatives that are both modest and sophisticated. These basic outfits will keep you warm without compromising your elegance.

Looking trendy and stylish is something that we all want to achieve. It is widely believed that you cannot look trendy in modest clothing. We are here to bust that myth. Here are a few Modest fashion hacks that every girl should know-

1. High Neck long sleeves undershirts

High neck long sleeves undershirts are essential in every modest woman’s closet. A thin material undershirt can be worn with abayas that have V necks or laces. Prefer neutral colors so that they go well with all the abayas and other styles of clothes as well. It is a great way to wear trendy cuts and styles while staying modest.

2. Hack to wear the trendy satin dresses

The satin dresses are extremely trendy but they tend to show some skin. How does a modest diva wear a satin dress? In winter, wear a high neck underneath or add a chunky sweater over the dress to make it look like a skirt. In summers, wear a light abaya on top of it or wear an undershirt underneath the abaya. 

3. How to utilize t-shirts with lower necklines

To wear t-shirts with lower necklines, wear them backward and add an open abaya on top. The t-shirts will usually have a higher back and this will ensure that nothing is visible as even the cut at the back will be hidden by the abaya.

4. Boots

When wearing pants that are a little higher than usual, go for boots as your footwear. They will cover up the gap and you can wear those slightly higher pants and jeans. You can wear higher boots for modest skirts so that no skin is visible.

5. White pants

White pants are sometimes sheer. In this case, you can wear a legging underneath or wear an abaya over your outfit. 

6. V- necks and slits

Take your favorite v necks to your tailor and ask him/her to sew the neckline up. This way you do not have to leave your favorite styles and will be able to wear them while styling modestly. You can do the same for higher slits. 

7. Wearing ripped jeans

Find iron-on denim patches to cover the cuts. You can also wear black legging underneath to avoid showing skin in case you do not find the denim patches.

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