Modest Fashion no longer for JUST Muslims

Style is essential in today’s world but so is looking modest. It is essential to keep up with the latest trends these days. While staying trendy is important, so is looking modest. Abayas provide both a trendy and a stylish look.

Modest Fashion has been on rise for sometime now. Due to the huge importance and inclusion of modest fashion in the fashion industry, modest fashion is no longer for just Muslims. Many non Muslims have started wearing abayas as well.

 The modest wear fashion industry has evolved, When designers are questioned on what "modesty" implies, ... None of them connect it to the word "Muslim." The modest fashion movement, which began with Muslim women seeking more elegant and comfortable methods to cover up, has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry that appeals to individuals of all races, cultures, and beliefs.

According to Reuters' State of the Global Islamic Economy Report, modest fashion purchases accounted for $44 billion in 2015. Since the beginning of 2018, searches for ‘modest fashion' have increased by 500%, according to Pinterest UK.

“It's simply, generally, being mindful of what you're wearing,” said Yasmin Hu, president and designer of Huda Negassi in the United States.

Because of the various benefits of wearing loose-fitting, more opaque textiles, the attraction has spread to others beyond the Muslim religion.

“The designs tend to be looser and more comfortable for ladies who want to cover their curves and don't want to be overly revealing,” Diana Rikasari, founding designer at Indonesian brand Schmiley Mo, said. It's also a wonderful alternative for plus-size women.”

Yasmin Sobeih, the creator of the UK-based firm Under-Rapt, said she sees it every day in the ‘athleisure' sector of design — women from all cultures may want to get active and live healthier lifestyles, but they do not want to exercise in exposing clothing.

Modest fashion has become more mainstream because of social media and retail globalization.

While a beginner may face many religious responsibilities that come with a hijab and finding a sense of style that complies to all these seems difficult. Wearing modest clothing became simpler with the growth of social media in the previous decade. A group of Muslim female bloggers and influencers are confronted with the same fashion problems as a newbie. The trick is to be inspired and gradually develop your own personal style. Modest apparel is easier to come by these days, and many individuals enjoy the neutral, basic, and easy appearance.

What exactly is modest fashion?

It is basically a clothing style that covers most of your body without compromising on style. The distinctions between modest clothes and non-modest clothing are generally higher necklines, longer sleeves, and looser fits made of opaque materials and textiles. That may seem "bland," and "boring" to some, but it is not! Maxi dresses, long skirts, and kimonos are among the modest clothing options. Wide-leg black dress pants, long-sleeved white button downs with a longer hemline, and neutral overcoats that are extremely simple to drape over something that is more fitting are all modest design pieces that can be considered timeless. Unintentionally, modest dress has become a modern-day fashion trend in its own right. Tight clothing has been popular in the fashion industry for a long time, but the current trend is to go loose. Designer brands like Gucci, Balenciaga, and Chloe appear to be drawn to the modest style, as seen by the tunics, dresses, and large coats that appear in several of their collections. Major shops such as Zara, Uniqlo, and H&M have begun to experiment with this trend, designing garments that cover the majority of the body while still experimenting with the newest fashion trends.

Being a Muslim isn't the only reason to dress modestly. It does not belong to any one group of individuals and is available to everybody. It's a universal trend that can be found everywhere from the street to the runway, and it's here to stay. It's a style that appeals to a broad range of individuals, regardless of religion or cultural affiliation. For each person, modest fashion implies something different, and it is impossible to define in just two words.

Here are a few trendy abayas that you will love no matter your religion or beliefs-

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2. Pink Rotana Shimmer hand work abaya set with under dress and sheila


3. Black Chiffon Pocket See Through Abaya


4.  Black Shamoua Crushed Set With Satin Sleeves


5. Maroon Rotana Shimmer abaya set with under dress and sheila

Regardless of whether they are Muslim or not, individuals are increasingly dressed modestly all around the world. Modest fashion has become fashionable, and people have a new attitude regarding it, so they wish to wear modestly as well. A growing number of entrepreneurs are emerging to meet the need that the mainstream has been unable to provide for some time. There's no denying that an amazing trend might emerge as a way of life!

These abayas are the go to wear for every occasion due to their elegance and sophisticated look. These outfits have you covered for every occasion especially when you know how to style them properly. Buy your abaya from now and choose from a variety of abayas according to your preference.