Modest style hacks for our plus size beauties

For a long time, plus-size women have been barred from the fashion industry. Because of the way society has been body shaming them since the beginning, it has always been difficult for them to be comfortable in their own skin. Fashion for curvaceous women has changed dramatically in recent years as the fashion industry has progressed. We've got your back if you're a curvaceous lady seeking modest fashion advice.

This essay will provide numerous suggestions for curvy ladies on how to wear an abaya in a trendy yet modest manner. These are some tried-and-true suggestions for embracing your curves:

1. Fabrics and styles

Turtlenecks should not be worn as an abaya's inner layer. To remain warm in the winter, use suitable textiles such as wool or pashmina. In the summer, choose a light, airy fabric like cotton or chiffon to keep the heat at bay.

2. Wear heels under your abaya

Heels offer you a slimmer shape and make you appear taller. They may be really useful, especially when attending a formal function. Wedge heels or platform heels may be both comfortable and functional.

3. Select the right type of abaya

Vertical stripes are a fantastic method to make yourself appear smaller and taller. This is one of the oldest tactics that many people still use today. Overdoing the stripes, on the other hand, might ruin the effect. Wearing an asymmetrical abaya with a longer length might help to balance the body and provide the appearance of height. This method also appears to be quite glamorous. A more flattering effect may be achieved by combining plain colour abayas with printed inners and plain inners with printed abayas.

4. Go for a minimal look

For people who wish to seem skinny, black and white are the colours of choice. Monochromatic ensembles are really popular right now. A slimmer look may also be achieved by combining black and white. Solid hues might make you appear thinner and taller. These colours also reveal a lot about a person's personality, so they should be chosen carefully.

5. Layering

Wear heavy layers below and lighter layers on top to avoid a bulky appearance and achieve a smaller appearance. This improves the appearance of the body's shape.

6. Accessorize

No matter how simple an outfit is, a belt around the waist may make it stand out. A belt may instantly give you an hourglass form and an exquisite appearance. It aids in cinching the waist for a more attractive appearance. Carry a purse that fits your body proportionately. A bag that is too tiny, as well as one that is too large, may be amusing. Choose a bag that is medium in size.

7. Layering a shorter dress over abaya

Many short dresses are unused and squandered as a result of the requirement to maintain a modest appearance. A short dress worn over a basic abaya creates a sophisticated image. If done correctly, layering may make individuals seem trendy and appealing.

8. Wear what makes you comfortable

Despite the fact that society continues to tell everyone what and who an "ideal lady" is, there is no such thing. When you start wearing what makes you feel good, you also start feeling good about yourself. It's pointless to have style if you don't have confidence, You can wear any clothing as well as your favorite if you have confidence in yourself.

9. Take inspiration from other plus size beauties

Take inspiration from anyone who has a nice style, whether it's an influencer, a friend, or even a stranger. If you enjoy how someone dresses or appears in certain clothing and want to emulate it for yourself, follow their advice. After all, we can go a long way if we help other ladies.

10. Stop hiding behind baggy clothes

While it's become fashionable to hide behind baggy clothing when you're feeling uneasy, it gives your body the look of being a sack. It can also be detrimental to your self-esteem. Instead of concealing your curves behind baggy and over-sized clothing, start embracing them.

Always feel at ease with your attire, no matter what you're wearing or how you're wearing it. People who wear whatever they want with confidence and appreciate their bodies create trends. Carry what you wear with confidence as a curvaceous beauty, and know that you are gorgeous no matter what. Moistreet has a variety of alternatives for our plus-size ladies. Visit to learn more about them.