Modest Styling Hacks for Plus Size Women

Plus size women have been excluded from the fashion industry for a long time. It has always been difficult for them to be comfortable in their own skin due to the way society has been body shaming them from the very beginning. With the development of the fashion industry in the past few years, fashion for curvy women has also evolved a lot. If you are a curvy woman who is looking for a modest fashion guide, we got your back.

Curvy women can get many ideas on how to wear an abaya in a stylish yet modest way from this post. These are some of the tried and tested tips to help you embrace your curves-

1. Fabrics and styles

Don’t wear turtlenecks as an inner for your abaya. For winter, choose appropriate fabrics like wool or pashmina to keep you warm. For summer go with light fabric like cotton or chiffon that is flowy so that heat doesn’t cause any issue.

2. Wear heels under your abaya

Heels give a taller look along with a slimer silhouette. They can be an essential specially when going for a formal event. Wearing wedges or platform heels can be comfortable as well as serve the purpose.

3. Select the right type of abaya

Vertical Stripes are an amazing way to look slimmer and taller. This is one of the oldest tricks followed by many people. However going overboard with stripes can spoil the look as well. Wearing an asymmetrical abaya with a longer length can make one’s body look more proportionate and give an illusion of height. This trick looks extremely glamorous as well. Combining plain color abayas with printed inners and plain inners with printed abayas can give a more flattering look.

4. Go for a minimal look

Black and white are the go to colors for people who want to look slim. Monochromatic outfits are trending a lot. A combination of black and white also gives a leaner look. Solid colors can give a leaner and a taller look. These colors also speak a lot about one’s personality and should be selected accordingly.

5. Layering

To avoid a bulky look and get a slimmer look, one should wear the thick layers underneath and the lighter ones on the top. This gives a better look to the body’s contour.

6.  Accessorize

A belt around the waist can make an outfit stand out no matter how basic it is. A belt can give an instant hourglass figure and an elegant look. It helps in clenching the waist for a better look. Carry a bag that is proportionate to your body. A bag too small can look funny and so can the one that is too big. Go for a medium sized bag.

7. Layering a shorter dress over abaya

Due to the need to achieve a modest look, many short dresses go unused and wasted. Wearing a short dress over a plain abaya gives a classy look. Layering can make people look stylish and flattering if done cleverly.

8. Wear what makes you comfortable

Even though the society keeps telling everyone what and who a ‘perfect woman’ is, there is no such thing as perfect. When you start wearing what makes you comfortable, you start feeling stylish as well. Style without confidence is useless. With confidence you can pull off any outfit just as well as your favourite one.

9. Take inspiration from other plus size beauties

Whether it is an influencer or a friend or even a stranger, if their style looks good to you, take inspiration from it. If you like the way someone dresses or looks in a certain outfit and want to try the same, take tips from them and try it for yourself. Afterall girls supporting other girls can take us a long way.

10. Stop hiding behind baggy clothes

While it has been a trend to hide behind baggy clothes when you feel uncomfortable, it gives your body an appearance of a sack. It can also be harmful for your body image. Start embracing your curves instead of hiding behind baggy and over sized clothes.

Whatever you wear and however you wear it, always feel comfortable in your outfit. Trends are made by people who carry whatever they wear with confidence and embrace their curves. As a curvy beauty, carry what you wear with confidence and know that you are beautiful no matter what. Moistreet offers a wide range of options for our plus size beautiies. Check them out at