Moistreet : Latest Abaya For Every Occasion

The abaya is the ideal outfit — yeah, it truly is. In the spring and summer, you can wear a modest abaya. You may also wear it in the fall and winter by layering it with a woman's cardigan. Not only is it appropriate for the entire year, but you can also wear it to any occasion on your calendar! Still don't believe us? Take a look at how we put together a modest midi dress for any occasion. 

1. Work Events

The main rule of work dress fashion is to wear a long, well-fitting dress that isn't too tight or revealing. You want to appear polished, professional, and ready for prime time at hand. Do you have a job interview coming up? Pair a simple navy abaya with a pair of pumps. Are you going to a networking event? Add a black belt and heels that aren't too high or flashy to a coat-style abaya. Any of these business-formal ensembles will make you appear smart and sophisticated, which we already know you are, but now everyone else will see it as well.

2. Religious events

Think conservative but cute when it comes to attending religious activities. An abaya with espadrilles is perfect for spring, while a long-sleeve abaya dress with a belted waist is perfect for fall. While most ladies adore accessories, it's preferable to keep it simple for religious occasions. All you truly need are a pair of stud or hoop earrings.

3. Community events

The majority of community gatherings are informal, while some are semi-formal. Overdressing is preferable to underdressing. The combination of a modest striped abaya with mules is both lovely and adventurous. It will help you demonstrate your commitment and passion, and when you talk, all eyes will be on you. You can't go wrong with a pocket abaya with white sneakers for more casual events like festivals. If it becomes cold, don't forget to bring a sweater!

4. Celebratory events

Everything goes at weddings and bridal showers, as well as holiday parties and anniversary date nights, as long as your celebration outfit complements the event. We recommend having fun with your outfit because celebrations are supposed to be enjoyable. Wear a vivid abaya with a bold necklace, stiletto heels, and a clutch in animal print to complete the look. In that clothing, who wouldn't be eager to party?

5. Running Errands

Anyone who claims that doing errands isn't an event hasn't tried it with kids! But, with or without kids, spending a day off marking things off your to-do list isn't the most exciting prospect. Even so, you deserve to be cute and comfortable, and our go-to modest attire for any day of the week is a cosy abaya. Your summer outfit looks easy-breezy with a pair of flat sandals and a wicker handbag (so hopefully your errands will be too). Put on some sneakers and wrap your hair in a scarf for an even more relaxed look.

The abaya, as you can see, is both practical and fashionable. That is why a modest abaya is appropriate for any occasion. The two most important things to remember when styling an abaya are to pick a colour or print that fits your real self and makes you feel beautiful and confident, and to accessorise in a way that matches your authentic self and makes you feel beautiful and confident.

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