Ten Work Wear Abayas that really need to be in your closet this season!

When it comes to modest clothing, abayas are the first thing that comes to mind. However, there is a widespread misperception that modest clothing cannot be stylish. With the advent of modest fashion in the fashion industry, there are now a variety of abayas available for various occasions, including what is appropriate for your workplace. The traditional black abaya is no longer the only option.

Abayas come in a variety of styles that can be worn for workday looks. These can be worn as a daily work abaya as well as during formal occasions.

Here are a few ideas for work-appropriate abayas -

1. Shamoua Purple and White Pleated abaya 

Elegant and lovely, this purple and white abaya. It's perfect for giving your office a subtle but stylish and sophisticated look. It's made of Shamoua, which makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear. With a purple hijab and a studded handbag, it will look fantastic. This abaya is perfect for work wear.

2. Brown abaya set


The colour of this abaya is brown. Because many individuals prefer dark abayas but find black ones to be too plain, this garment is perfect for you. It has a refined appearance. It's one of the most up-to-date designs. CEY cloth was used to create this item. It dries quickly and is simple to transport and handle. It has a basic design on it that complements the abaya's appearance. It is suitable for use in the workplace.

3. Maroon abaya set

The abaya is lovely and maroon in colour. It's a good-looking and affordable set. It comes with a sheila and an underdress. The material is light and airy. It has a stylish appearance and is appropriate for a variety of occasions. Because it is composed of polyester, it does not wrinkle easily. As a result, it's simple to keep up with. This is a fashionable and modest design. It can give you a classy workplace look while remaining appropriate.

4. Pink Rotana Shimmer hand work abaya set with under dress and sheila

The abaya is pink in colour and has a glitzy appearance. It's a lovely and modest set. It comes with a sheila and an underdress. The fabric is light and classy, making it great for wearing as a workday abaya. This set is great for those who want to branch out from their traditional black abaya. Rotana shimmer is used to make it. It's light and airy. It's simple to handle. This is a fashionable design.

5. Grey abaya set

This abaya outfit is grey in tone, which is calming. It comes with a sheila and an underdress. This ensemble features long sleeves and is both simple and sober. It appears decent. From the shoulders to the ankles, it totally envelops the wearer. It's made of polyester and elastane, so it's wrinkle-resistant and light. It is simple to carry and looks stunning on the person wearing it. This is an excellent ensemble to wear to the office.

6. Light grey abaya with hand embroidery

One of the most subtle and beautiful abayas is the light grey abaya with hand embroidery. The hand needlework stands out and looks fantastic. It has a very refined and elegant appearance. It is composed of a 10 G fabric that is lightweight and airy, making it comfortable to wear and carry. This abaya features a striking pattern. It's appropriate for the workplace.

7. Grey Shamoua Abaya with Front Pockets and Pleated Trimmings with Under Dress & Sheila

This grey abaya comes with an underdress and sheila and is decent and modest. It's perfect for a variety of occasions because it's simple but still looks great. It's made of a linen-like fabric called Shamoua. It's easy to transport and perfect for the summer. The material is lightweight, breathable, and highly comfy. The pockets add to the overall look of this outfit and make it more appealing and appropriate for the workplace.

8. Grey Linen abaya

With various prints, this grey abaya is decent and uncomplicated. It can be used for a variety of events. The fabric chosen is linen, which is lightweight and perfect for the workplace. This is also light and airy, making it quite comfortable to wear.

9. Turquoise Abaya Set

This abaya set includes a sheila and an underdress. It's blue, which makes it feel refreshing in the extensive office days. This is a great all-around abaya for the office. It's constructed of CEY fabric, which is lightweight and airy, making it ideal for the workplace. It's simple to put on and looks beautiful on anyone who wears it. This basic yet gorgeous abaya would look great with a purse in the same colour.

10. Pink embellished abaya

Because of the designs on the sleeves, the pink embroidered abaya appears feminine and suitable for the workplace. It's made of CY fabric and is pretty noticeable. Because of its simplicity, this outfit has a trendy appeal. With grey heels and a belt, this pink abaya will look stunning.

These are a few abayas that you must have in order to be prepared for the day at work. These abayas are quite simple, yet they are very adaptable. It's critical to dress in a way that makes you feel confident and at ease. Comfort and confidence are just as vital as style. So, whatever you wear, exude confidence and make it attractive.

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