The modest trendy designer abayas you should buy online

Abayas are the first thing one thinks of when talking about modest wear. But a misconception that prevails is that you cannot look stylish in modest wear. With the rise of modest fashion in the fashion industry, there are various types of abayas coming up for different occasions. The basic black abaya is no longer the only choice available.

There are many types of abayas available that can be worn at any occasion or season. Modest trendy designer abayas are all you need in your closet . These can be worn at formal occasions as well and at parties too. 

We have a few suggestions for modest trendy designer abayas that you should buy online-

1. Ash Grey Linen Abaya with Pockets

This ash grey linen abaya with pockets is decent and simple. It is ideal for being used at various occasions such as Eid. The fabric used is linen fabric which is  light to carry and is ideal for the summer season. This is also airy and extremely comfortable to wear. It can be worn on various occasions because of the look which makes it stand out.

2. Baby Blue Abaya Set Comes with Under Dress and Sheila

This abaya set comes with an underdress and sheila. It is blue which gives a cool feeling in the scorching summer heat.This is an ideal set for day to day wear and office wear. It is lightweight and ideal for summers. It is easy to carry and looks gorgeous on the wearer. A handbag in the same color would look gorgeous with this simple yet stylish abaya.

3. Brown Harir Hindi Classic cut silhouette with Ruched sleeves

The abaya is brown in color and looks glamorous . It is a beautiful and modest set with a fabric that is light and looks sophisticated and is ideal for many occasions and festivals. This is an ideal set for people who want to try something new instead of their old black abaya. It is made up of Harir Hindi which makes it airy and crispy. It is easy to maintain. This is a trendy design. It can be worn at occasions such as Eid. The embellishments on the sleeves make this abaya stand out and ideal for any occasion.

4. Beige Jaquard abaya with Sleeves Piping

This is a beige abaya with sleeves piping. The color is soothing. It is made up of jacquard fabric. It is strong and durable. It is wrinkle resistant. It doesn’t fade easily and lasts long. This is an abaya that is essential for every closet. It is ideal for celebrations like Eid.

5. Maroon Rotana Shimmer Abaya Set with Under Dress & Sheila

The abaya is maroon in color and looks stunning. It is a decent and modest set. It comes with an underdress and sheila. The fabric is light and looks sophisticated and is ideal for occasions like Eid. It is made up of Rotana shimmer. It is airy and crispy. It is easy to maintain. This is a trendy design and is modest as well.

These are a few designer abayas that are modest and trendy. These abayas are extremely simple yet versatile. It is important to wear what you feel confident and comfortable in. Style is important but so is comfort and confidence. So whatever you wear, make it beautiful with your confidence.

There are many abayas available on which have gained a lot of popularity and give you the modest look you desire .Order your abayas now.