Tips for take care your abayas

Abayas have the unique ability to serve as both regular clothing items and most adored festive attire. They are no longer simple black outfits that cover a woman's personal style. The current trend is abayas, which are ageless and traditional.

The abaya that a lady wears is an extension of who she is. Therefore, it's crucial to make sure it receives the top-notch care it needs.

The variety of abayas we at Moistreet provide is wide, ranging from embroidered jacket patterns to delicate satin robes to gowns embellished with Swarovski crystal. Your abaya's quality and longevity may be maintained and extended by properly washing, storing, and caring for it.

Here are some tried-and-true cleaning suggestions from Moistreet for your chic clothing:

1. Observe the label

Important information about how to maintain each abaya is included on the label that is connected to the abaya. To find out what is best for that abaya in particular, read the label.

Consider giving priority to this advice in your abaya's care and cleaning routine, for example, if the label specifies that the garment should only be dry washed then do not 

2. How to clean

Only simple abayas are advised to be washed. Prefer to only dry clean those abayas which have lace and embroidery. 

With each wash, you want your abaya to maintain its lustre and appear brand new. Remember that the secret is to use your clothes extremely delicately.

Here are some washing tips for your abaya:

  • For about 10 minutes, soak the abaya in room-temperature water, carefully massaging any filthy spots that require particular care
  • To stop fading, turn your abaya inside out.
  • Use a gentle detergent to clean and soften your garment and wash the colourful and black abayas separately. Useful abaya detergents and shampoos like Persil, Tide, Soft n Cool, and Maxkleen are ideal choices.

3. Ways to dry

After washing, carefully squeeze out any remaining water or soap. To prevent creases that are difficult to eliminate, don't use excessive force.

You may tumble dry the abaya in the dryer or lay it out flat to air dry. Avoid drying your abaya outside in the sun since doing so might fade the colour and fabric.

4. How to store and press

After washing, using a clothes steamer or iron to flatten wrinkles on your abaya is the best option. Turn your abaya inside out, put the steamer/iron to the lowest heat setting, and press the fabric, paying special attention to the wrinkled regions.

To prevent overheating the fabric, it is suggested to place a sensitive fabric shield on the iron's metal plate.

The finest approach to store your abaya is to put it in your closet on velvet  angers. To keep the abaya from wrinkling, do this rather than folding it or hanging it from wire hangers.

5. Abayas with embellishments and crystals

A wonderful selection of abayas from Moistreet are adorned with gems, jewels, laces, mirror work, and elaborate hand embroidery. As a result, only dry cleaning is an option for abayas with lace, crystals, beads, and sequins.

6. How to get rid of stains

Your abaya may have a bothersome stain. No need to worry; some gentle detergent and rubbing should work.

By simply following the wash recommendations indicated in the previous steps, you may easily get rid of certain stains. The abaya should be soaked in room-temperature water and gently rubbed between your fingers while using a specific washing shampoo to target the stains. We advise taking it to the wash if the stain doesn't go away.

Take Care of your abayas

Taking care of your abayas can help you get the most out of the money you spend buying it. Add new and latest abayas to your collection and stand out this summer season.