Trends that you should follow if you wear an abaya

Because of the power of social media, modest fashion has been making waves in the fashion industry in recent years, and rightfully so. Bloggers that utilise lookbooks to show off their own modern twists on abaya fashion have undoubtedly contributed to the rise of modest fashion. The good news for us modest modern stylists is that displaying less flesh is always in style, whether you're wearing the latest abaya trend or other modest attire.

Abayas have undergone amazing changes over time and continue to do so. Here's a rundown of some of our favourite modest fashion looks that appreciate modesty like no other. Which of the different alternatives do you prefer?

1. Ruffles – Who doesn't like a ruffle now and then? Individuals who love simple patterns but want to add a little something extra to their clothing have always favoured the ruffled abaya.

2. Pleats — Pleated skirts were a huge trend last year, and we love that it's now spreading to abayas. Whether you want to keep it basic with pleats simply on the sleeves and ends of the abaya or go all out with a fully pleated cape abaya, we love anything with pleats.

3. Denims- Denims are a wardrobe essential that never goes out of style. Why not include it into abayas as well? Look for abayas with denim patchwork or the popular three-toned denim dress abayas if a plain denim abaya is too much for you.

4. Pearl embellishments - Pearls are a beautiful addition to any outfit. Add them to any dress to make it look instantly more stylish. Abayas with pearl decorations were formerly one of the most popular fashion trends. Some designers used little pearls throughout the fabric, while others developed intricate designs across the shoulders or on the sleeves. These patterns can also be worn as necklaces and bracelets, saving you the time and trouble of wearing additional jewellery.

5. Feathers and fringes – This style is delicate, feminine, and stylish. It was unsurprising when it was all over the modest fashion runways. While a full-fringed abaya can accomplish this look, we went for a more minimalist approach and only used the fringes and feathers along the edges.

6. Pockets – Now that's what I call functional style! The addition of pockets was a nice addition, and abaya lovers jumped on board right away. In case you're wondering, the pockets are big enough to hold a lot of stuff.

7. Statement Belts- Belts provide structure to abayas, and it wasn't long before simple tassels and minimalistic belts were replaced by chunkier belts, which finally became the outfit's most prominent decoration.

8. Pastel colors- Abaya fans were relieved to find pastel-toned abayas that were simple, sober, and suited for work or a casual brunch, rather than the traditional black. Colors like rose, blush and beige are still fashionable, but light blues, lavenders, and even yellows are gaining popularity.

9. Puffed sleeves - Puffed sleeves used to be very popular. We're delighted to see them still being worn in abayas, despite the fact that the trend has faded. We hope it stays that way!

10. Textured fabrics - You won't have to worry about designs or patterns if you buy textured abayas. Because of the subtle texture, this style appears to be absolutely effortless.

11. Floral Embroideries- Floral embroideries have always been a popular choice for abayas. Hand-embroidered work is frequently combined with beads, stones, and sequins to produce abayas that are the height of elegance.

12. Dual tones- Can't decide whether to go neutral or bright? Use dual tones. This design is the answer to your dilemma. While any color (contrasting or complementary) can be worn, many fashion bloggers opted for the classic black and white appearance.

13. Checks and plaids- Checks and plaids have been in style for as long as checks and plaids have been in style. These are hip, laid-back, and a little out of the usual.

You can choose from these or other abayas based on your preferences. Order your abayas at and stay on top of the latest fashion trends.