Trendy Abayas 

It’s summer season and everyone is ready for some comfortable clothing that makes them stand out and also protects them from scorching heat. It is essential to keep up with the latest trends these days. While staying trendy is important, so is looking modest. Abayas provide both a trendy and a stylish look.

There are many trends which look subtle, simple and appropriate for every occasion. Such outfits are essential in every closet. These are trending this season for people who prefer dressing in a modest way.

Here are a few modest outfits that are trending in this season in the fashion industry-

1. Green Abaya Set With Buttons Detailing

Green abaya set with button detailing comes with an underdress and sheila. It is of olive green color which is extremely trendy these days. This color gives a summer and spring vibe and can be worn at occasions that take place in the morning. It is made up of crepe which falls well on the body and is also appropriate for summers. It can be worn with a belt around the waist to enhance the look.

2. Shamoua Purple And White Pleated Abaya

This purple and white abaya looks elegant  and beautiful. It is ideal for occasions that take place in the evening. It is made up of Shamoua which makes the fabric easy to carry and wear for a long period of time. It will look stunning with a purple hijab and a studded hand purse. This abaya is ideal for summer season.

3. Grey Linen Abaya

This grey abaya is decent and simple along with some prints. It is ideal for being used at various occasions. The fabric used is  linen fabric which is  light to carry and is ideal for the summer season. This is also airy and extremely comfortable to wear.It can be worn on various occasions because of the print which makes it stand out.

4. Brown Abaya Set

This abaya is brown in color. As many people prefer dark abayas but consider black ones too simple, this piece is the ideal one for you. It gives a sophisticated look.It is one of the latest designs. This piece is made of CEY fabric. It dries fast and is easy to carry and handle. It has print on it that looks simple and adds to the look of the abaya.

5. Maroon Abaya Set

The abaya is maroon in color and looks gorgeous. It is a decent and modest set. It comes with an underdress and sheila. The fabric is light and breathable. It looks sophisticated and is ideal for many occasions. It is made up of polyester and therefore doesn’t wrinkle easily. It is therefore easy to maintain. This is a trendy design and is modest as well.

6. Peach And White Abaya

This peach and white abaya is extremely simple yet beautiful. It is an abaya that looks appropriate for spring wear. The color is extremely soothing and trending. This abaya is made up of 10 G fabric and Organza which makes it breathable and airy. Organza has been a trending fabric for a long time and is still in fashion. This set has a soft fabric and is airy as well. It looks amazing when worn with heels accompanied with a belt. It is an appropriate abaya for day to day or office wear during the summer season.

These abayas are the go to wear for every occasion due to their elegance and sophisticated look. These outfits are extremely trendy in this season . Buy your abaya from now and choose from a variety of abayas according to your preference.