Tips To Upgrade Your abaya

Whether you wear abayas on a regular basis or just like to spice up your look with a gorgeous overlay now and then, there are a few abaya fashion blunders to avoid. We've compiled a list of abaya fashion ideas to keep in mind, ranging from hem length to size to selecting the correct fabrics.

We've got the greatest ideas to ensure you have the perfect style, from how to choose the appropriate sizing to choosing the most comfortable or flattering materials!

1. Too long?

Abayas that sweep the ground are never glamorous, and the same can be said for abayas that are excessively short. Always try on an abaya with both heels and flats, and aim for a length that is just a few millimetres below your ankle before purchasing one.

2. How long should the length of a sleeve be?

The sleeve length is equally as crucial as the hem length. The sleeves can ruin a wonderful look and get in the way of your everyday routine if they are overly long or short. Unless you're going for the 3/4-sleeve length, make sure the sleeves end just at your wrists.

3. Skinny fit? A big no

This is a critical stylistic blunder that immediately detracts from your overall appearance. It's never a smart idea to force yourself into a body-hugging abaya that's two sizes too small. If you're having trouble getting the two sides to meet or slipping it on, it's time to reassess your size.

4. Ideal fit

If you have a petite frame, swimming in fabric will generate an overwhelming effect. Check that your abaya is a good fit on your shoulders and that the loose fit does not overpower you. Colourful abayas with a waist belt are incredibly figure-flattering and emphasise a thin waist.

5. Layering 

Excessive layering beneath your overlay can distract from a streamlined appearance. Keep it simple with a basic suit made of light materials. Keep the following idea in mind this winter when you're wanting to stay warm but don't want to seem puffy.

6. Seasons

Abayas, like most other items in your closet, are only worn during specific seasons. In the summer, choose for linen, silk, or cotton overlays. In the winter, a wool abaya or bisht will keep you warm and cosy without the need for bulky layers.

7. Classy vs Crafty 

Embellishments and embroideries are lovely, and they add elegance and richness to your overlay—but only if they're done correctly. Keep an eye out for the quality of the embellishments when buying for an abaya. Poorly placed crystals, torn needlework, and unravelling sequins, after all, are never fashionable.

8. Dress according to the occasion 

Wear the appropriate abaya for the occasion. Overlays that are casual look well with daywear, whereas investment stunners should be saved for special occasions.

Don't be hesitant to express yourself! Wear whatever makes you pleased and meets your islamic clothing requirements. It's easy to get carried away with who's wearing what, but ultimately, what matters is that you're pleased.

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